Okay, hello again!

Unfortunately, I still cannot manage to put up a background. Not to worry, I will have one sometime soon. If you are only just now reading this and you haven’t read my other post, read that and you’ll know what I mean. I think blogs are kind of fun! What about you? Well I’m sure they are if you have a blog, otherwise what’s the point in having one, you know? I think you should do something that you enjoy, or just don’t do it at all. I was nervous when I made this blog. I wasn’t quite sure how to move around or post or anything. I got the hang of it pretty quick though. I stayed up almost all night because I read long lankin. It is a scary story, and well it sure scared me! So as I’m lying there, staring up at the ceiling, I see the monster over and over in my mind and scare myself even more. I’m not even done with it yet. Lindsey Barraclough, (that is the author of the story) I am giving long lankin five out of five stars because you managed to scare me half to death! And I usually don’t get that scared easily. I can only imagine how terrifying the next hundred pages will be.


Hello world

This is my first blog ever. I don’t even know if you are reading this right now. If you are, then I guess I’ll keep talking. Now, have any of you read the amazing book Shadow and bone? It is absolutely amazing; at least I thought it was. It was shocking and suspenseful, and full of drama. I fall flat on my face when it comes to reading a super suspenseful book. Let’s see if I can name some now. Of course, Shadow and bone, um divergent, that one was definitely good, uh, let me think. Shatter me that one was good, I could probably go on and on, but if you want to know good suspenseful books that I’ve already read just visit my goodreads page. I feel like this is starting to get boring, am I right? Let’s change the subject. After I’m done writing this I’m going to figure out how to put a background on my front page, right now it’s so white and bland. I think I’m going to do that now, talk later.